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Tax Preparation Services in Austin Serving all of Texas from Austin

Who Needs a Tax Preparation Service?

People that need tax preparation

Tax preparation services are for everybody.  It doesn’t matter what field an individual works in or how long they have been in the field.  Everyone who makes money in the United States must pay taxes.  There are some brave souls who choose to do their own taxes.  Doing your own taxes is a great way to save some money.  However, there is a time factor and a headache factor that goes along with taking on doing your own taxes.  Tax preparation services like what we offer at P.G. Tax services takes away the headache of doing it yourself.  We commend those who are able to do their taxes by themselves and maintain their sanity.  

When an individual decides that they need a tax preparation service, they are choosing to hire a professional who will be able to help them through the sometimes mountain of forms that need to be filed depending on the individuals circumstances.

A tax preparer can prepare taxes for doctors, lawyers, teachers, janitors, unemployed individuals, architects, plumbers, and any other type of job that you can think of.

Your tax preparer will be specially authorized by the IRS to be able to electronically file your taxes on your behalf.  This is a critical part of choosing a tax preparer.  Some unscrupulous people don’t have these authorizations and try to steal personal information while pretending to be something they are not.  This results in the possible theft of your identity as well as the great possibility that you end up not having your taxes filed.

Tax preparation services in Austin, TX are easy to find.  But make sure the tax preparer has the qualifications necessary to provide you with an outstanding and honest service.

What Does a Tax Preparer do?

A tax preparer running a legitimate tax preparation service is going to perform many important functions on your behalf.  They will choose the correct tax forms, fill them out based on information you give them, and file the forms with the IRS.

A tax preparer chooses tax forms

Among one of the most important functions of the tax preparer is to choose the correct forms for the job.  After having a consultation with you and reviewing your tax forms like W-2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, etc, your tax preparer will know what forms need to be filled out.  Choosing the correct form is important when doing your taxes.  If you don’t use the correct form it is a mistake that could incur penalties and interest with the IRS.  A professional tax preparer and tax preparation service will take that burden on and always make sur the correct forms are used to file your taxes.

Filling out the forms

After choosing the correct forms based on their consultation with you, the tax preparer will then do what they do best, prepare the forms by filling them out.  Filling out the tax forms takes time and expertise.  An experienced professional will be able to do this with extreme accuracy.

Filing your taxes

Now for the grand finale!  Once your tax professional has filled out the forms completely based on the information you gave them, they will now file the forms electronically for you with the IRS and the state of Texas.  Now you can sit back, relax, and wait for your refund (if you got one).

tax preparer forms

When Should you File Your Taxes?

Tax preparation deadlines

So now that we are well aware of how a tax preparation service works as well as how the tax preparer does his/her job, we must know, when is the best time to do all of this?  Some people like to wait until the last minute to get their taxes done.  This is not always the best idea.  Waiting till the last minute can end up making you late or needing to file an extension with the IRS if your taxes end up more complicated than you thought they were, or if your tax preparer is busier than you thought they would be.  

Filing dates vary sometimes based on whether there is a national or international crisis happening, as was the case with COVID-19.  For individuals that need to only file their taxes once per year, the typical due date is April 15th of that year.  In recent years though, there has been a variation to that fateful day.  But what if you are self employed or have a business?

Tax Filing Dates for the Self Employed

The self employed among us are in a class that has different rules.  Those who have an employer are actually paying their taxes every month.  Those who are self employed have no employer to with-hold taxes and send them to the state and to the IRS.  That being the case, the self employed are usually required to make tax payments throughout the year, usually quarterly.  Then when April comes around everything will be reconciled on the main return.  Now, for corporations, an actual tax return may need to be filed several times throughout the year.  Please speak with a tax professional to find out more information or visit the IRS website.

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