What document’s do I bring to my tax preparer?

General Information

  • Bank account number and routing number, if you are opting for depositing your tax refund directly into your bank account.
  • Date of Birth for yourself, spouse and dependents.
  • Full Names and Social Security Numbers for yourself, your spouse, and any children / dependents that you have.
  • Payments of Estimated Federal, State, local taxes paid or paycheck withholding amounts paid over the tax year being filed.
  • Previous year’s tax returns for you and your spouse.

Income Documentation

  • W-2 forms for you and your spouse
  • SSA-1099 for Social Security benefits received
  • 1099-MISC Income: independent contractor forms
  • 1099-S form for income from sale of a property
  • 1099-C forms for cancellation of debt
  • 1099-R, Form 8606 for distributions from IRAs or retirement plans
  • 1099 – Interest and Dividend Income, Retirement, Annuities, tax refunds, Unemployment
  • 1099-G unemployment income forms, or state / local tax refunds
  • Alimony received
  • Cost Basis of Securities Sold
  • Cryptocurrency, collect a record of your every exchange and transaction.
  • Miscellaneous income: jury duty, gambling winnings, Medical Savings Account, scholarships, etc.
  • Prior year installment sale information – Forms 6252, principal and interest collected during the year, SSN and address for payer
  • Rental property income and expenses: profit/loss statement, suspended loss information

Adjustments to your income

  • Alimony paid
  • Receipts for qualified energy-efficient home improvements (solar, windows, etc.)
  • Records of IRA contributions made during the year
  • Records of Medical Savings Account (MSA) contributions
  • Self-employed health insurance payment records
  • Form 1098-E for student loan interest paid (or loan statements for student loans)
  • Form 1098-T for tuition paid (or receipts/canceled checks for tuition paid for post-high school)

Deductible Expenses

Itemized Deductions (Schedule A)

  • List of Charitable Contributions
  • Medical Expenses, Health Care Insurance, Prescriptions, Doctors, Dentists, Eyeglasses, Long Term Health Care Insurance
  • Real Estate Taxes and other taxes paid, PMI insurance, points,
  • Form 1098 – Mortgage Interest Expense

Additional Documentation

Prior-year refund applied to current year and/or any amount paid with an extension to file.